Monday, 8 September 2014


Built on dreams

Ten-sized more amazing

A signpost of gained figured it out

Length and profundity filled to flooding

With energy, voices & anticipation

Nebulous visions stroll through memories,

Of autos built,

Wartime aid, of solidarity

Bound in reason, to

Protect less, miserable cutting edge men lying

Throbbingly chilly against caution timbers

In the midst of shards of broken sheet

Not able to hear those 1904 voices of trust,

Achievement and thriving

Voices now slight, far off

As crackling joist impact

When relentless block

Breaking out roughly road side

Phosphorescent flares boiling over,

Looking for passageway, flexibility

Smoke saturating night air against sapphire sky

A century of history and city pride, eradicated in hours,

Dousing voices relaxed,

At that point hushed until the end of time.

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